Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cloud Land has arrived....

today we had access for a few minutes while Cloud land the mega bar/club/restaurant had it's first photo shoot with their new designer uniforms by designer label Subfusco. We must say that the venue is an amazing sight indeed, we can't say much as it is confidential but the public can definitely see it soon around late March. On the other hand, the uniforms are definitely a cool reflection of the venue. Designer Joshua Roberto Scacheri from Subfusco has really added his sophisticated style to the garments and they have a Subfusco feel about them also.

Models: Mercedes & Blayke
Hair & Makeup: Frankie Fong
Pics: By Styleography

Designer of Cloud Land Uniforms: Joshua Scacheri from Subfusco

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

these look so cool, i wish i could have these uniforms for work..

the venue looks amazing also, can't wait to see it open.