Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to styleography, our aim for this blog is to express social scenes, street styles & trends throughout our city, Brisbane. We want to tell a story, express our views on the styles we see and introduce the personality behind the looks.

Styleography is a collaboration of local artists, designers and photographers.


This guy who was in the Subfusco store at TCB arcade, he had a real unique way of mixing colours. His style was a contrast of hippie street/chic.

Our dear friend Paulie from London is by our standard the craziest
and coolest trend setter. Paulie is a dance performer who regularly travels to Brisbane to visit his beautiful daughter.


As Audrey Hepburn did in the 60's, our ladies today are still looking amazing in the LBD.

Alice is a fashion design student from MSIT, originally from Brazil. Her fantastic interpretation of the LBD teamed up with cute flats and unique accessories truly reflects the modern adaptation.

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