Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last week saw another edition of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week A.K.A (RAFW) plus a bonus event which captures the minds and the inspirations of some of these amazing designers called Fashion Palette.
When Fashion events are on people come out to exhibit, they emerge with their best outfits, their in head to toe in designer looks and they come together to show the country that we do have style here in Australia. This year’s RAFW was said to be one of the best, with runway shows capturing true design and creative ideas.
Fashion Palette was a 2 day event that really inspired creatives who work in the field of fashion. Hosted by the amazing Ruby Rose, the event had some real good insight into how fashion works, what is involved behind the scenes and how to make it a successful business.
At Fashion Palette an array of direction key looks, layers were evident, with some amazing strong shoulder looks as well for the ladies. The boys had a sophisticated preppy boy feel with a cutting edge element.

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