Friday, December 17, 2010

Summafieldayze TIME [2011]

Queensland’s legendary Summafieldayze is back in 2011 with an all-new look for an all-new season of sounds, sun & celebration. It’s a new Summa, a new year & another chance to revel in the colour, excitement & energy of one of the world’s most famous festivals. Set your iPhones, program your iPads, dust off your tiny denim shorts & prepare to party with fashionistas, festival folk & music fans alike as they flock to Queensland’s Number 1 summa party, Summafieldayze - SUNDAY JANUARY 2, 2011!
With a new Summa comes a new line-up. In 2011, Summafieldayze brings you the freshest beats from world-renowned chart-topping artists. Get ready for a hot new experience this Summa… + watch out for the styleography team as they will be there snapping up style setters.



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