Sunday, January 23, 2011

S U B F U S C O S A T U R D A Y [S]

Saturday afternoons are always fun times at Subfusco's Concept store. For the past few months you may have spotted a group of wacky people sitting outside the store having a few beers and catching up on the week that was. Yesterday we had a surprise visit from Madeleine  from We Killed Couture & Adam Sait from Killbot Kindergarten, not to forget regular Subfusco Saturday peep, G-Mack. After our little session we went to one of our friends Ruwan De Silva's gig. Ruwan is a creative film maker and all round inspiring man. His band is called  Yoke and Pixel, what makes them unique is that they improvise their music on the spot which is really cool and raw.

A shout out to Killbot Kindergarten who are playing at the Zoo on the 10th of Feb, go check them out.


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