Thursday, March 26, 2009

The city of Brisbane was WOWED with the opening of a magical place, a place that breathes fantasy, speaks with sophistication & smells like a thousand exotic flowers... welcome to CLOUDLAND or as styleography likes to call it Wonderland.
The crowd oozed style, the who's who of Brisbane and Australia enjoyed an eventful evening thanks to the creative talent from dancers, street performers, dj's and hosts. The venue design is a masterpiece, congratulations Nick & Alexa and to their team.
Styleography would like to thank the Bickle family & all of Katarzyna's team as they once again have given Brisbane something new and exciting.

pics by Joshua Scacheri


Anonymous said...

wow... this place looks amazing, defintly have to go check it out. Great snaps also, loving the style.

Anonymous said...

love this girls turbin, she looks amazing