Friday, March 20, 2009

We have been all around Australia with Styleography, but today's post is a very special one indeed. Our latest adventure took us to India,Mumbai. A place that memorized us for many reasons, a place that captures so much culture & chaos mixed with a social society that is very noticable....,this Amazing place will always be a reminder of how lucky we are.

Every picture taken across this 4 day journey tells a story of it's own. We did take photos of beautiful people dressed in head to toe in Gucci and what not and our orginal reason for a trip to India was due to an invitaion for an Australian Fashion show with designers like Hussy & Subfusco, but we first want to publish the essence of the street culture & style, many trends come from the streets of major cities, so we wanted to capture what everyday true Indians wear, whether it may be a Saree or a pair of Harem pants, we believe these photos capture a true sense of style, it may not be what we would wear, nor what to wear, but its what the street people of Mumbai wear..

these kids lived in the slumps, it was amazing how so many of them could speak english
you would see all these little barbers around the slumps

we think this man had a great look.
Our little friend from the slumps, an Indian Snop Dog!
it was very hard to actually take pictures of ladies. all
these shots were on the move in a car.
this was the only western dressed woman we saw on this day
romaning the streets.
Black & White story..

pictures by Joshua Scacheri
thank you to all the amazing people who allowed us to take photos
of you. You may never see these photos, or even understood why we were
taking photos of you, but one thing is for sure that they will be forever yours..

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Anonymous said...

wow.... India looks amazing.. It's fantastic that this blog captures real people. Keep up the great work, loving it always.