Saturday, September 15, 2012


As I am Based in London now I am lucky that I get to see more Fashion Weeks then ever. Today I was invite to go see fellow country men woman women Sass & Bide runway show at London Fashion Week.

It was great to see so many Australian's at the show, it felt like some what Australia Fashion Week in a strange sense. Today I  shot a homage to my other RAFW Fashion Weeks posts by doing my style portrait's. With so many street style photographers around these days, I feel that by capturing the faces of these stylish people, the picture speaks in a different way. You start to see the personality through the face rather than the clothing which is a really interesting perspective. Sometimes  we are so focused on what people are wearing, we actually forgot to notice the face and the clothing becomes more important than who is really wearing it.

Congrats to Sass & Bide and good luck to the rest of the designers for this week, I was lucky enough to also catch up with Pam from Fashion Futures who is a great supporter of Australian designers and gave us tickets to these shows.

Christine Centenera Vogue Australia


         All pictures by JS


tonkatsu7 said...

Nice colours - looks like film...

Rebekah Wall said...

I was at this show as well - such great photos, really captured the vibe. I am a new follower. x